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uPVC is a durable plastic material commonly used in construction. It’s a popular choice for window and door frames due to its resistance to rot, weather and chemicals. uPVC is also low maintenance and energy efficient, making it an ideal, cost-effective choice.

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Aluminium is a strong, lightweight metal known for its durability and resistance to rust. This makes it ideal for windows and doors, where it can be used to create slim frames for a modern look. Aluminium is a great, low maintenance, sustainable option.

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Benefits of uPVC

uPVC offers a range of advantages for modern homes. It is exceptionally durable and can last for decades without succumbing to rot, rust or warping. This makes it incredibly low maintenance, as a simple wipe-down with soapy water keeps it clean.

Compared to other materials, the upfront cost for buying and installing uPVC is typically lower, making it ideal for those with smaller budgets. Additionally, uPVC’s excellent insulation properties will help to regulate indoor temperatures, reducing energy bills and noise pollution.

uPVC windows and doors can complement any architectural style with our variety of styles and colours on offer.

Casement Window

Brighten up your home with this classic Liniar casement window. Slim sightlines maximise the entry of natural light, while bubble gaskets embedded in the frame effectively seal the unit against the elements. The durable uPVC construction requires minimal maintenance. Curved or bevelled frame designs in a range of colours and different glass and glazing options support unique style choices. Also, you can add child restrictors to the casement window for added peace of mind.

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Flush Sash Window

Maximise natural lighting by installing this Liniar flush sash window with its ultra-slim sightlines. The hardy uPVC construction means that it’s durable and requires little maintenance. Patented bubble gaskets in the frame ensure wind and water resistance, while adding child restrictors and hinge guards levels up safety and security. Choose from a wide selection of finishes and glazing options to customise the window for your space.

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French Casement

Enhance your home with this elegant French window from Liniar. Choose a rounded decorative or clean bevelled design in different colours and finishes to individualise a space. It’s also a practical solution that can serve as a fire escape to increase safety. To weather the elements, double-action bubble gaskets in the frame seal the unit all round. The EnergyPlus six-chamber profile supports an A+ energy efficiency rating to keep in warmth.

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Tilt and Turn Window

Let light and air into your office or home with this tilt & turn window from Liniar. It ventilates spaces while keeping them secure. The unit’s versatile design supports use as a fire escape or conventional window. Also, cleaning is a breeze – simply rotate it to wash both sides. Thanks to its wider opening scope and larger panes, the item boosts thermal efficiency. Choose between different finishes to suit your unique specifications.

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Vertical Sliders

Give your home an aesthetic lift with this vertical sliding sash window from Quick Slide. It combines all the contemporary benefits of a uPVC casement with an timeless design. You can count on top thermal efficiency to help with temperature control in summer and winter. Featuring an water resistant integrated sill to complete the unit. Choose from a broad collection of colours, handles and glazings to customise your window.

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Bi-Fold Window

Optimise casement versatility with this Liniar bi-fold window. It fully opens to let in air and light while maintaining the wall space. This makes it ideal for homes and commercial establishments such as greenhouses or eateries. The inventive multi-chambered design retains warmth for A+ thermal efficiency during cold spells. Also, embedded double-action bubble gaskets make the unit weatherproof and leak-free. A selection of pane and colour options lets you personalise the window for your premises.

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Front Residential Door

Make a memorable first impression with this Liniar single front residential door. Apart from improving the appearance of your home, this entryway is also a thermally efficient solution. Thanks to its multi-chambered design, the door traps heat in air pockets, keeping your premises warmer when it’s cold. As it’s made from uPVC, this unit is long-lasting and fully recyclable at the end of its lifespan. Compliance with UK security and building standards boosts your safety.

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Stable Door

Give your home a touch of nostalgia with this stable door from Liniar. The top and bottom halves are separated, so you can keep the lower half closed, while an open upper panel lets in light and air. This unit combines a modern, eco-friendly construction with a rustic, country appearance. Choose from a selection of woodgrain finishes for an authentic look. The top sash also comes in a tilt-and-turn option to boost ventilation.

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French Door

When space is limited, choose this Liniar French door as a practical and aesthetic access solution. The multi-chambered profile gives the unit A+ energy efficiency to help with temperature control during hot and cold conditions. The timeless design comes in a broad range of colours, letting you customise your installation. Manufactured with your wellbeing in mind, this product is lead-free, and it complies with the relevant standards to boost security.

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Patio Door

Fashion effortless access between your indoor and outdoor spaces with this Liniar sliding patio door. Slim sightlines optimise the entry of natural light to brighten up your rooms. Thanks to the product’s excellent thermal efficiency, it helps keep your property cool in summer and warm in winter. Hidden crash stops ensure more control when opening and closing the unit for better safety. It’s also compatible with multiple locking mechanisms to boost security.

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Looking to personalise your space? We offer a wide range of popular colours to complement any style. Bespoke options are also available, get in touch with the team to discuss the options.

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Benefits of Aluminium

Aluminium offers a unique combination of durability and aesthetic appeal. It is lightweight yet strong, allowing for large panel sizes and slim frames. Aluminium naturally resists flexing, warping and corrosion, meaning minimal maintenance. Plus, the powder-coated finish ensures a long-lasting, beautiful look for your home.

For those who prioritise eco-friendliness, aluminium can be recycled endlessly, making it a very sustainable option. Perhaps most importantly, modern aluminium windows and doors can also be highly energy efficient thanks to thermal break technology, which helps to keep your home warm and reduces energy bills.

OW-80 Casement Window

Illuminate and ventilate any space with this Origin OW-80 casement window. Made from aluminium, this robust and long-lasting unit resists flexing, warping and corrosion in tough conditions. Also, the durable stainless steel hinges are rust-proof to withstand damage in damp and humid places. A polyamide thermal break in the profile ensures energy efficiency during summer and winter. For a bespoke solution, choose between sashed and fixed designs and an extensive range of colours.

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OW-80 Fixed Frame Window

Open your space to natural light with this Origin OW-80 fixed frame window. The elegant aluminium frame enhances your premises, while slim sightlines provide an outside view. Its robust construction ensures durability in harsh weather conditions. Also, the window is low maintenance and can simply be wiped clean. With a size of up to 7m2, you can create a glass wall for optimal illumination.

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OW-80 Gable Window

Give your buildings an eye-catching boost with this striking Origin OW-80 gable window. As the unit’s frame is made from hardy aluminium, it’s a durable option for demanding environments. The various triangular and trapezoidal designs fit all walls – even tricky spots. Combine it with bi-fold or sliding doors to create ceiling-to-floor glass structures. Or, spotlight your casements by adding architectural flair with this gable window.

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OW-70 Slimline Fixed Frame Window

Install this OW-70 slimline fixed frame window from Origin to optimise your view and natural lighting. With ultra-thin sightlines of just 65mm, it elegantly opens the scope of any property. Thanks to its robust aluminium frame, the unit withstands damage in tough environments. Also, as it’s rust-resistant, the fixture is ideal for damp or humid conditions. The unit’s top-rated thermal efficiency helps keep your spaces warm.

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OW-70 Slimline Casement Window

If you want to maximise lighting and establish an unobstructed view, install this Origin OW-70 slimline casement window. With sightlines of only 65mm, the thin frame broadens your panoramic scope and makes the most of available natural light. For versatility, you can choose between square and chamfered beading. Also, with a wide selection of colours, handles and bars, you can customise the unit for your setting.

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OW-70 Bay Window

Showcase your property with this attention-grabbing OW-70 bay window from Origin. It adds an extra dimension to a room while admitting more natural light. Thanks to its high thermal efficiency, this window helps to retain heat. The unit comes in different sizes, shapes and colours, so you can design a bespoke solution that suits your unique requirements. You can even add Georgian bars and put a modern spin on a timeless look.

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OW-70 French Window

Elevate the appearance of your property with the ageless elegance of this OW-70 French window from Origin. Thanks to a moving mullion, you’ll have an unobstructed view when both sides are open. As this unit’s thermally efficient, it retains heat to help keep areas warm. Also, its strong aluminium frame weathers challenging conditions. Personalise your French window by choosing from a wide spectrum of colours, handles and bars.

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Fixed Casement Window

When thermal efficiency is a must in your building, opt for this Origin casement window. The unit retains heat and helps keep your space warm during cold spells. As it’s made from premium-grade aluminium, the frame resists warping and corrosion for long-lasting durability. A flush design enhances the aesthetics of your property, while slim sightlines let in maximum natural light. Customise your window by choosing from a wide range of colours and handles.

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Single Door

Bring the outdoors in with this contemporary Origin single door. The glass pane floods your home with natural light while giving you a bird’s-eye view of gardens and other exterior spaces. The durable aluminium frame resists warping and corrosion in challenging environments. Easily personalise your choice – choose between different widths and heights, colours and thresholds. You can even add Georgian bars for a classic touch.

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Origin French Door

Install this Origin French door to improve your home’s natural lighting and view without compromising security. The glass pane lets in light and offers a view of the outdoors. As it’s made from robust aluminium, the unit withstands environmental damage. Excellent thermal efficiency helps with temperature control during summer and winter. Choose between weathered, non-weathered and mobility thresholds according to your needs. You can use this versatile product as an internal or external door.

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Bi-fold Door

Create a seamless transition between your interior and exterior spaces with this Origin bi-fold door. The panels of the unit open completely, offering an unobstructed view of outdoor areas. Designs come in 1 to 12-panel designs, in heights of up to 3,025mm, for bespoke solutions. You can also determine how the door slides and if it should fold in or out to meet your specific requirements. A short wheelbase carriage ensures effortless gliding.

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Aluminium Sliding Doors

Create a seamless portal between indoor and outdoor spaces with this aluminium sliding door from Origin. An inventive track ensures smooth gliding, allowing panels to pass each other without a hitch. It provides easy access to your garden, outdoor entertainment areas or courtyard. Also, slim sightlines maximise your view and the entry of natural light without compromising on thermal efficiency.

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Corner Bi-Fold Door

Fit this corner bi-fold door from Origin to enhance tricky builds and illuminate and ventilate your property. The unit comes in 1 to 12-panel designs, so no space is too small or big. As the panes open at 90° angles, you can count on seamless fusion around nooks and crannies. Install it with a moving corner post for a sweeping view. You can also choose between folding and sliding opening mechanisms to suit your layout.

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Internal Door

Transform your interiors with this internal door from Origin. It effectively separates areas while enhancing the aesthetics of your interior spaces. Constructed from resilient aluminium, this unit offers long-lasting durability and is eco-friendly. Personalise your choice by choosing from single, French or corner designs in a wide variety of RAL colours and handles. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, just get in touch with Maceland’s expert team for help.

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Front Door

Showcase your home’s entrance with this front door from Origin. Choose from 10 striking panels in different colours and designs to suit your preferences. You can also opt for clear or frosted glass that lets in natural light and creates a modern, clean look. Also, there are three threshold options: weathered (which keeps the door watertight), non-weathered and mobility. The last option makes your premises accessible to all.

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Looking to personalise your space? We offer a wide range of popular colours to complement any style. Bespoke RAL colour matching options are also available, get in touch with the team to discuss the options.

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